About Us

BioHealth Management is a Boston-based advisory and consulting firm with expertise in accelerating the development and commercialization of technologies for start-up and mid-market entrepreneurs and companies. We have worked with hundreds of innovators helping them define their business models, their target markets and their go-to-market strategies. We offer practical advice in strategy, business and market development that intersects business and technology to address the demands of the life sciences world.

Our experienced team has helped companies across the biopharmaceutical economy in areas such as therapeutic positioning, market entry, diagnostic product definition and sales channels, market evaluation, and identification of key opinion leaders and strategic partners. The company has a partner office at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), a collaboration partner, located in Kendall Square, which has the world’s highest concentration of venture capital backed tech and biotech companies in the world.

BioHealth Management offers international organizations and entrepreneurs three accelerator programs, which are often combined to support the growth of entrepreneurial companies.

Our unique customized programs are based on the needs of each entrepreneur and/or organization and are positioned to accelerate the growth of the business resulting in practical and measurable results.

Our customized programs offer support, guidance and execution assistance in many areas such as sustainable business models, marketing and sales strategies and fund raising. We help digital entrepreneurs find their market segments, define their value propositions and position themselves in the industry. Our methods include defining realistic timelines and costs, concrete goals and achievable milestones. We help you differentiate yourself in a potentially crowded market where it is hard to get attention. We work with academic entrepreneurs, start-ups and later-stage companies who are selling their products and services.