How We Work With Our Clients

The Biohealth team has organized and facilitated over 20 programs in Boston with international organizations from Europe and Canada. Our clients include organizations such as consulates, economic development agencies, international foundations, governments, trade associations and individual companies, all of whom are looking to grow their companies through understanding and gaining access to the U.S. marketplace.

The projects are all similar in nature and scope with missions of foreign companies coming to New England for a period of days to months. The process includes working with each company or organization to understand their value proposition and either formal or informal coaching of the companies and organizations. This information is then used to position these companies for introduction of their products and services into the U.S. market. The companies’ objective is always the same – to grow their businesses. Biohealth Management helps to direct that process based on the needs and goals of the company. We offer personalized coaching in U.S. business practices, strategic advice and direction and execution of key business initiatives.

How we work with our clients
We are in the business of advising, guiding and mentoring academic entrepreneurs and senior management and/or entrepreneurs in small to medium size enterprises (SME's) helping them achieve their goals of growth.

Biohealth Management is hired on a project-by-project basis working closely with our clients to understand their current challenges and to develop and implement clear and achievable strategies and goals. The team has a hands-on style and high level of involvement to implement and guarantee success of our projects. Our methods are structured, practical and very interactive. We use many methods to create a smooth and open communication with our clients including SKYPE, e.mail, tele-conferences and working meetings internationally and in the USA. A time line with deliverables is used based on the needs of the client.

Biohealth Management has different types of engagements that vary depending on the client, but in each case the purpose is the same: to help entrepreneurs and/or senior managers create value from innovative technology and reach new levels of value creation. Biohealth accelerates market development and market entry using a practical and structured approach that is highly customizable to the client's needs.